• This is an awesome way of showing the world “City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection."  The program was great, the benefits in many ways of thinking and helping others was awesome.
    Sheila A. McDaniel - October 2013
  • Due in part to this delineation, I have secured work in the hospitality field. My employer is always looking for ideas from the staff. I am going to suggest that all hotel staff become certified as I am. It would be a good marketing tool for the facility and would also benefit PHLWELCOMESU! by getting more people hospitality trained, and will benefit the city by having a more aware service community.        
    Gary Daniel Gold - December 2013
  • I have lived in Chicago and Hollywood, Ca.  Still think Philly is the best and I tell my friends all over the country.  When they come to visit we always have cheese steaks, soft pretzels and visit the sites.  Needless to say they go home impressed. This is a great program, I wish you much success.  
    John Brown - September 2013
  • I was impressed by the way the material was so attractively, professionally and concisely presented.
    I made a recommendation to all my staff to take the course.
    Karen Peterson, CAE - January 2014
  • I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Hospitality course.  It was an informative and interesting presentation. I think, when you are dealing with the public and a situation seems to be getting out of hand, what was presented in the videos will be a great help.  Courtesy is never out of style!    
    Kathleen Collins - July 2013
  • I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the program. I love the idea and was quick to jump aboard. It is a great way to show love for the city you live in and be able to promote it to visitors. Thanks! Christopher Widell  
    Christopher Widell - September 2013