Featured CHP:

Mike Usino, CHP

Manager of Marketing & Enrollment

Temple University – School of Tourism & Hospitality Management


Why did you decide to enroll in the PHL Welcomes U! program?

One of my most important functions at Temple is to host visitors and prospective students on campus and create memorable experiences for them. Given Temple University’s partnership with PHL Welcomes U, I felt it was a great opportunity to enhance the skills I need to do this.

How has becoming a Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP) helped you in your daily role?

The CHP program has helped to increase my understanding of what goes into creating unique and memorable experiences for visitors and guests. I host students and their families on a daily basis and helping them feel welcomed at Temple and in Philadelphia is my most important goal. The CHP has helped to keep me aware of the many small but simple details that help build positive experiences for visitors.

What is one of your favorite things about Philadelphia?

Philadelphia’s thriving restaurant scene!

What was one of your most memorable customer service interactions?

A student and her family from Iowa came to visit Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and learn more about the programs we offer. Knowing it was their first time in Philadelphia, after our academic meeting, our team worked together to create a Philadelphia experience for them, including making reservations at a STARR restaurant for dinner, creating a suggested itinerary of what to see while in town, and helping them learn how to use SEPTA to get around. In addition to helping to show how important they were to Temple, we were also able to showcase how proud we are of our city – Philadelphia.


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