PHL Welcomes U! is a free educational program empowering Philadelphians in public service roles with the tools they need to create meaningful, positive experiences for guests in our great city.

The program comprises six online video modules covering a wide range of useful topics like active listening and communication skills, connecting with guests, embracing diversity and many more!

The courses are designed to guide participants on a journey through real-world experiences and situations they may encounter on a daily basis. Skills learned throughout each module will be tested through short quizzes, allowing participants to earn the designation of “Certified Hospitality Professional” (CHP) after successfully completing the program.

The mission of PHL Welcomes U! is to ensure all guests to Philadelphia have a positive overall experience by creating PHL “Ambassadors” within a variety of industry segments and special interest groups such as retail, travel and tourism, education, hospitality, transportation, city work and others. These educational messages are instrumental in making an impact on the city of Philadelphia and the people who live, work and play here.

This intro course offers a full program overview while teaching you how to make great first impressions. Learn how to represent our city and state to newcomers and visitors, how to treat guests so they want to come back and share their experiences with family and friends and how to make Philadelphia an even better place to live!
In this course you’ll learn how to take on a positive role in exceeding guest expectations by applying the latest in human connection techniques.
In this course we’ll talk about communication issues arising when dealing with customers. You’ll learn how to connect with guests and clarify statements for optimized, positive interactions.
In this course we’ll start to identify the nature of “We the People.”
Here we’ll look at the best ways to anticipate what people from different generations might expect and desire while exploring Philadelphia.
In this course we’ll be relying on some of the skills learned in our Get Connected class. We’ll review active listening and make use of guests’ words to clarify their real needs.